DAVA WHISENANT 's directorial debut, the critically-acclaimed musical comedy Bathtubs Over Broadway, garnered her the Best New Documentary Director award at the Tribeca Film Festival, a Writers Guild Award for Best Documentary Screenplay, and an ACE editing nomination. Bathtubs Over Broadway was executive produced by Blumhouse, Impact Partners, and David Letterman, and is distributed by Focus Features.


Dava has worked in both narrative & nonfiction film for over 20 years, with an emphasis on music and comedy. Dava’s other music docs include the Grammy®-nominated blues & civil rights film Two Trains Runnin'  that she produced and edited for director Sam Pollard, the 3D rave documentary Under the Electric Sky (Sundance 2014) and an American Masters film about Merle Haggard. She's currently at work as a writer/editor on the new Billy Preston music documentary, directed by Paris Barclay.

Dava began her work in features as an Editorial Assistant for Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris and on his segment of the film Eros.  She went on to do Additional Editing for the comedy Puccini for Beginners, in competition at Sundance in 2006, and she was the Editor of the feature film Benji: Off the Leash, directed by the creator of the original Benji franchise.


Her nonfiction work covers a wide range of subjects, from the wild life of a country music icon to the comical world of karaoke fanatics, a family’s struggle with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s disease, and the debate over shock therapy.  She was the Supervising Editor for the first two seasons of NBC’s Emmy-nominated docu-series Who Do You Think You Are? and she was the Supervising Producer for the US version of Hairy Bikers, a hybrid travel/food/history show produced by BBC Worldwide.  Dava’s diverse experience includes several years as a freelance editor at The Late Show with David Letterman and as the Associate Editor of the NBC pilot Lipstick Jungle, directed by Gary Winick. 


Dava and Letterman/Simpsons writer Steve Young continue to collaborate on comedy projects and currently have two short films on the festival circuit. In addition to working on her own scripted and documentary projects, Dava also assists other filmmakers as a story & editing consultant. Recent collaborations include the upcoming Reading Rainbow documentary Butterfly in the Sky, FX's Hysterical, about female stand-up comedians, and the verite doc Transhood on HBO. Dava is a member of ACE, the WGA, and the Television Academy.


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